5 types of people you will find at Manchester

We bring you Manchester’s top five stereotypes. Like it or not, you probably fit into one of these.

Some cities seem to attract a certain type/calibre of student. Manchester on the other hand, with Uni of, Man Met, RNCM and Salford, the city is a melting pot of different characters and whether we like it or not all students fit into a stereotype. Some are just way funnier to take the mick out of than others.

Sports lads

One of the more easily spotted individuals due to the insistence on lugging a sports bag around, even when attending lectures. Plus the haunted looks on their faces from an initiation gone too far never quite goes away.

Manchester Habitat: AU Social, exuding far too much testosterone. I blame the steroids.



The most common form of Manchester student. Usually identified by the oversized fake glasses, rolled up jeans, vintage knitwear and Nike air-max combo. Optional top-knot and hoop earrings for the girls.

Manchester Habitat: Fuel Café in Withington. Partly to be with their people, partly for the Haloumi Salad.


The Scrunchie Bunch

A very specific type of hipster. Yes, scrunchies were cool in the ‘80s. But so was Madonna who is now the world’s most embarrassing mum. Primark sell packs of hairbands for £1. You have no excuse.

Manchester Habitat: In Cow. Stocking up on new scrunchies.



You know the type. Spend their trust fund attempting to look like they have no money all whilst boring everyone in sight with tales of their ‘gap-yah’.

Manchester Habitat: Anywhere in the Northern Quarter.


TOWIE hopefuls

Sporting the fake tan, hair and nails along with a pair of heels which cause the wearer to imitate Bambi taking his first steps.

Manchester Habitat: Pout. Every Monday.