The Tab Meets: Murkage Dave

The Manchester legend talks Justin Bieber, beards and MILFs

David Lewis aka Murkage Dave is a member of the notorious Manchester based Murkage Cartel. If you haven’t heard of him you need to take a long hard look at yourself.

The Murkage club night started in 2007 at Subspace (which for you freshers is now Black Dog Ballroom NWS) as an opportunity to get pissed for free and play some bassy tunes.The night has now transformed into one of the essential nights to visit in Manchester. You’ll find Dave and co. at South Nightclub every Thursday.

The Tab’s own Grimmy caught up with the man behind the beard.


The beard that dwarfs all others

Upcoming local artists

If you’re bored of listening to the same majestic casual playlist during revision, why not try a listening to some local artists instead?

One tip-off the Manchester based MC and DJ gave us was Bi–polar Sunshine – a must listen that he accurately described as “If the Weeknd and Ian brown went to church for a day”.  Other Manchester based artists recommended are Mc’s Hype and XP and in particular their joint track ‘Burst’.

Musical influences

For a man who lists his favourite current song as “that dubstep Taylor Swift song” and his musical influences as “Justin Bieber the bashment album” and the “1 Direction grime EP” he sure does know a lot about rappers. His top 5 rappers of all time are; Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Kanye West and Mc Hammer. No, Mc Hammer was not a joke. Other admirations come in the form of Lauren Hill, Slick Rick, Eminem and Andre 3000.

Best places to go in Manchester

Dave has been a Manchester resident for over 10 years now and currently DJ’s all over the city from Gorilla to Odder Bar, so who better to give you some ideas of where to go, other than just going to 256.  His recommendations are The Liars Club, Hula Tiki Lounge or Mojo and for a burger head to Almost Famous. If a night on the town sounds like too much effort why not grab a takeaway from Caribbean Flavas.

Final words of wisdom

“The South of France has the best MILFs”.



Dave’s beard started in America when his razor broke – he just let it grow because Americans started treating him differently. Here are his top tips on how to grow a beard like his.

1. Use Conditioner

2. Power through the itch stage – it won’t last forever

3. Trim around the mouth