Call 999, my wine’s off

Emergency services were called to Bluu bar after a man was served corked wine

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An angry customer of a Northern Quarter bar went as far as to call 999 last Sunday when he was served a gone-off glass of wine.

An employee of Bluu, a popular eating and drinking spot, told The Tab the bartender on duty had offered to replace the corked wine for free.

But when the man was refused the refund he demanded, he resorted to more extreme measures.

It is unknown what was said in the call to the emergency services, but it was reported that police actually came to the bar in response.

Bluu bar

The customer was warned he may be fined for the call, but no action was taken.

“While a call handler is dealing with a call like this, someone else could be facing a real emergency”, said Inspector Phil Spurgeon, a Manchester Police spokesman.