No more cars on the Oxford Road

Changes designed to improve road safety and speed up the Magic Bus due to start in 2014

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Transport for Greater Manchester are planning to make big changes to the Oxford Road corridor over the next two years, with road works due to start in 2014. It is hoped these changes will speed up the student commute and clear the way for the Magic Bus. At the moment a 20 minute journey to Piccadilly on the 142 or 143 can take up to an hour. Unfortunately the plans do not include the infamous ‘Curry Mile’ which is a primary source of long delays and an accident hot spot. However, Transport for Greater Manchester hopes that the new plans will relieve some of the congestion in this area.


The plans show the Oxford Road closed off to cars between Hathersage Road, the ‘Varsity’ junction at the north end of the Curry mile and Grosvenor Street, the first crossroads after the Aquatics Centre. Between these two points access is limited to buses, cycles, taxis and emergency vehicles. General traffic will have to use alternative routes to reach the city centre.

Oxford Road 4

Suggested safety measures

Other proposed changes include a speed limit of 20 mph between Hathersage Road and Portland Street and “Dutch style” cycles lanes to increases safety at certain bus stops.

The proposals are popular among the majority of students. The new changes should cut the number of accidents involving cyclists and shorten the agonisingly slow bus journey from Fallowfield to campus.