The Tab meets: Joker

The Tab talks museums and music with Joker.

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We had a quick catch up with the very friendly and tired Joker in his dressing room at Parklife 2013. 

Unfortunately, we completely forgot to ask him what his favourite joke is, but I’m hoping its a cheese one.


C: Hello Joker!

J: Hello!


C: How are you?

J: Really tired and hungover to be honest,  I was playing in a warehouse in London with Skepta last night. I’m a bit confused about what was happening.


C: Don’t worry, I don’t really know what I’m doing either. So where are you from?

J: I’m from Bristol


C: Bristol is nice. I went to a science museum there once on a school trip.

J: I’ve never been, is it good?


C: Yeah really good, they have a massive womb that you can climb inside, so you are basically the baby and its really warm and you can hear the beating heart. Its very comforting.

C: Anyway…Do you play a lot in Manchester?

J: Yeah quite a lot. This is my third time at Parklife, but somehow every time I’m playing here end up being late. Something always turns up that stops me getting here on time!


C: Well, at least it makes you look popular and in demand. So how did you get into music?

J: Ok, here it is in one sentence. One day after school, I went to my cousins house and he was making a tune on the computer. I said, “is it that easy”? he said “yeah”. I asked “can i play other peoples tunes?”  and he said you are supposed to make your own. So I bought a computer, bought the software, and that was it.


C: Are you playing many festivals this summer?

J: Yeah quite a few – one in Romania, some in Croatia.


C: Do you prefer gigs or festivals?

It depends where you are really.  I have found that certain countries appreciate music differently than other countries, so it really depends on where I am playing. But once it starts getting cold again after the festival season its definitely nicer to be in a warm, dark club!


C: What are you listening to at the moment?

J: I listen to everything. I’ve got a complication of 90s RnB that i’m really into right now.


C: I love 90s R’n’B! I have a whole Spotify playlist dedicated to a specific period of it. Original Destiny’s Child, TLC, Blackstreet, I love all that.

J: Yeah, feelgood music! Its definitely coming back.


C: Definitely. Finally, what would you advise people that want to get into music?

J: What I have realised now is that a lot of people check out whats big, read about tutorials and try to copy that sound. But everyone is different – if you are making music, you should be able to make your own sound. A lot of new people sound similar to what is already out there. Obviously you have to be influenced by things, but there is a difference between being inspired and imitating. So try and make your own unique sound!


C: Are you staying in Manchester for a while?

J: Just a couple more hours. I just want to relax and have a sunbathe.

C: I won’t keep you any longer then. Thanks! 


A few hours later, I see Joker on the back of a buggy being driven out of the festival site. I hope he managed to have a nap on the way home.