The Tab Guide to Life after Graduation

The world is your oyster, young graduate.

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Graduating is like falling off a cliff.

After the elation of survival subsides, you realise you are screwed. You are eyeball-deep in debt and have been so busy with booze and babes in the last three years that the only thing on your CV is a Duke of Edinburgh Award.

At best, you hope for a job in recruitment and weekends re-living student hedonism in Shoreditch. On that positive note, here is a visual guide of what to expect!

post graduation


How you plan to spend the summer:



How you will spend the summer:

twirl seal


After two weeks living at home:



An realistic assessment of your interests and hobbies:



Updating your CV and writing cover letters:



When someone suggests that you should get a Linkedin account:



When people ask what you plan to do now:


life plan


When someone makes a facebook status about getting a grad job:



A realistic vision of the future: