Slothario: our new love affair

The sloth is the new cat.

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Images of cute, fuzzy animals are melting the nation’s heart. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is have a quick look at Facebook: it’s been over-run with creatures the likes of the Grumpy Cat, bleating goats and dogs running into walls. Scouring the internet for funny and/or cute videos and images of squishy piles of fluff is possibly the greatest way to procrastinate and still feel good inside.

But why the hell has the whole nation turned into overexcited, squealing little children who turn to mush at the first sight of a puppy falling down some stairs?

Sloths doing what sloths do best…being weird as shit

According to leading psychologists, looking at cute animals activates the pleasure signals in your brain. This can trigger responses such as excessive cooing and ‘aaawing’ and, in extreme cases, the desire to squish the animals (not to death, if you thought that you’re sick).

If someone doesn’t cuddle this sloth, it will die

Interestingly, in a recent (highly scientific survey)- results showed that the latest animal sensation is the sloth. Two or three toed it; doesn’t seem to matter, the internet is being overrun by forums, Tumblr pages and YouTube channels dedicated to sloths, leading to what some have called a cult following.

Being obsessed with sloths may also have health benefits; sloth enthusiast Francesca Hill, 22 from Cambridge, claims ”Bucketful of Sloths changed my life. I can sincerely credit it with reducing my alcohol consumption during times of stress.”

Self proclaimed ‘Slothropologist’ Max Toomey told The Tab, “Sloths often confuse their arms for branches and fall to their deaths. Its very sad.” Luckily, there is a solution, he claims: ‘We need to furnish all jungle dwelling sloths with high-vis arm bands, for their good and the good of the forest.”

Creepy cute is in these days

It has been suggested that it is possible to trace this love of all things Sloth to Ice Age, in which the enigmatic animated character, Sid the Sloth, lit up the imaginations of people of all ages and opened their hearts to all things slothly..

I can’t see mammoths becoming the next craze…

In any case who really cares? Sloths tick two of the internet’s fundamental boxes; they are adorable and funny to look at. Shouldn’t more things be this lovable? In fact, I’m going to go fawn over some images right now…