Pangaea tickets: a big waste of time

This year’s festival is still far from a sell out

The popular Pangaea festival has failed to sell out, with over 1,000 slowworm tickets left days after going on sale.

The news will not be welcomed by those students who clambered to get their hands on early bird tickets last week and had to endure the frustrating online payment process.

There was widespread rage after high demand caused the festival’s website to crash, leaving many students angry and ticketless.

And it’s a case of salt in the wound for the suffering festival-goers, who could have waited and got a hassle-free slowworm ticket.


Slow worm tickets haven’t been a big hit this year

Pangaea’s last event, Winter Wonderland, was heavily criticized by students due to varying ticket prices and the chaotic online payment system. The Student Union, via their Twitter page, previously assured students that it would ‘take comments on board when [looking] at ticketing for the end of year event’.

Similar problems have yet again been experienced despite the Union’s pledge. Outraged students have taken to Twitter and the official Facebook page:

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What’s more, Super Early Bird tickets were reserved for those who could attend a Pangaea pre-party on Friday 19th April, quashing the hope of securing a ticket for many library-bound dissertation writers.

Many students who thought they had successfully managed to purchase tickets received a shock when they discovered they had erroneously been charged twice. One third year student, Ramesh Pani, stated his surprise at the blunder. ‘When I checked my bank account the next day I saw that I’d been charged twice. I’ve been reassured that I will eventually get a refund, so… half sorted, half up in the air’.

Rachel, a second year student was charged a whopping £75 for two lots of tickets only to be told at the end of the frustrating online process that she had secured a grand total of 0 tickets. “I still haven’t received a refund. I’m pretty appalled since I still have no tickets and I need that money to live“.


Students partied hard at January’s Winter Wonderland event

This is the second recent embarrassing incident associated with a Student Union event, following on from the disastrous M13 Festival which was eventually cancelled due to lack of interest.