Victory for The University of Manchester!

Manchester sails through to the final of University Challenge

Bangor Intelligent Manchester University Challenge Victory

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Thousands tuned in yesterday evening to watch the semi final University Challenge match between The University of Bangor and the mighty Manchester.

The match was incredibly close at one point but with a great Captain, Richard Gilbert and Adam Barr racking up the points for every mathematical question, Manchester were sure to win.

The University of Manchester: Adam Barr you’re a star! The team felt safe shifting all of the mathematical questions onto his shoulders, even though at times it seemed the pressure was definitely getting to him!

The University of Bangor: It seemed that not even their little dragon mascot could help them take this victory from us!


Simon Tomlinson of the University of Bangor, could be said to have thrown the match as he lost his team a series of points for his unsuccessful interruptions.

Tomlinson is originally from Manchester so he may have intentionally lost these points in the name of a sweet home triumph.

Although Man Utd won the Premier League title, many feel it was our University that were the real heroes of Manchester last night.

There’s been some great support for the university team with University Challenge being on of the trending topics on twitter last night.

@ClaysonLuke: The real glory tonight belongs to the other Man U (Manchester university) for their win over Bangor during a thrilling university challenge.

@michaeljohncass: Great to see Manchester in the University Challenge Final for the second year running #purpleandproud

The University team now head into the finals for a second year running, against the notorious UCL, so tune in to BBC Two on 29th April at 8pm, it’s going to be a good one.

Come on Manchester!