London School of Economics ranks seventh in the UK for employability

And 45th in the world

LSE is one of the worst unis for student experience in the country

Over a quarter don’t enjoy their time here

LSE is the third best university in the UK, says new rankings

No biggie

LSE ranked in the top 40 universities in the world

We lost out to our main London rivals

Angelina Jolie has just been appointed as a lecturer at LSE

She will be teaching a new MSc on women, peace and security

Get outta the Library! LSE evacuated for the third time in a month


These are the best pics from the summer pole fitness show

Forget revision

LSE occupiers have barricaded themselves in Vera Antsey Suite

‘It’s just another example of the criminalisation of student protest’

LSE to take legal action against occupiers if they don’t leave by midnight

The end is nigh

Russell Brand appears at Occupy LSE

He didn’t tell many jokes

Hundreds evacuated and one injured as building collapses on campus


Best cafes for studying in near campus

Accept it, you’re not getting a seat in the library

Fire breaks out on Kingsway – no library access for LSE

Holborn station is also closed

Breaking: Library to end 24 hour service

How late do you stay

At LSE drug dealers sell weed for Bitcoin

Technology, man

The research is wrong: London doesn’t have the best nightlife in the UK

All work and no play makes LSE a dull uni

Vera Suite occupied in protest against ‘Neoliberalism’

They’ve got signs that call it the London School of Exploitation

The revolving doors of death in Tower 2 are the worst thing about LSE

‘Those doors give me the shits’

LSE ranked 22nd for worldwide reputation

We beat King’s