LSE is one of the worst unis for student experience in the country

Over a quarter don’t enjoy their time here

LSE has been ranked as the worst university in terms of student experience with over a quarter of students saying that they weren’t enjoying their time at the university. Only 73.1 per cent of students said that they were enjoying the LSE experience, meaning over a quarter of students weren’t satisfied with their university life.

The rankings were part of the The Times’ Good University Guide, which rates universities according to their quality of research and teaching, graduate prospects and entry standards. Student experience includes all aspects of university life, such as academic, social, welfare and the support offered. It is measured based on the percentage of positive responses that students gave according to the 2016 National Student Survey.

The University of Norwich was in second to last place with 79.1 per cent of students answering that they enjoyed student life- a six per cent increase compared to LSE students. You can check out the rankings in full on the Good University Guide here.