LSE freshers are so excited to be here

Coming to an economic conference near you

The new term brings hordes of excitable, barely legal young freshers from all over the world to LSE – an institution predominantly associated with rigorous study and engagement in the social sciences, rather than a thriving party scene fuelled by sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

That hasn’t stopped this year’s intake getting genuinely excited about the new term though, with many thrilled at the prospect of engaging with other freshers. Oddly, there is a  repeated, and perhaps concerning, reference to the “new flavours” they will experience:

We admire the sheer over-enthusiasm pounded into the keyboard, Sir Hippolyte.

Long gone are the days of courting and a leisurely walk home…

Eyes peeled, Kwok may soon become known as ‘he who can walk the LSE library in under 60 seconds’

Just a casual mountain climb in the new term – as one does…

As a university synonymous with commerce, it’s no surprise many of the young LSErs are right on the ball with the shameless self-advertising:

It just wouldn’t be right if an LSE freshers had no Investment Banking events, would it now?

Well done Estelle for being so economical with your economic books.

A bittersweet prospect from Channon

As for the rest, there’s a subtle undercurrent of fear, angst, demotivation and in some cases, just visa issues:

Perhaps you’d do better posting your enquiry on, Lan?

Such passion coming from Mr Kirby

First world problems, hey Anushka?

If only posting twice could increase your age...

If only posting twice could increase your age…

Let's hope he doesn't pick the Wong club.

Let’s hope he doesn’t pick the Wong club

And finally, there are those who just don’t seem to fit in:

Wrong university?

Wrong university?

Happy freshers to all of you, you commercially-driven, multilingual, academically rigorous beasts.