Tab poll results: Nearly half of us are voting Conservative tomorrow

Quite right

LSE is breaking away from Tab tradition and backing David Cameron for Prime Minister.

A whopping 45 per cent are hoping the Conservatives will stay in Number 10 after tomorrow’s election.

Labour are left trailing in second place, with only a quarter of LSE students admitting to being part of the Milifandom.

Natalie Bennett’s Greens are neck and neck with the undecided voters, with eight and seven per cent of the share respectively, leaving the third place slot wide open for Lib Dems.


But only 10 per cent of us are willing to accept Nick Cleggs apology and give the Liberal Democrats a second chance.

Even UKIP have some support, sliding in at the bottom with five per cent share of the votes.

And apathy is low among LSE students – none of us said we weren’t voting. Seems Russell Brand coming to campus last week didn’t have much affect.


First and third years are decidedly Tory, while second years and post-grads are split half and half between Dave and Ed.

Milibae, who did a postgrad at LSE, will surely be gutted.