Get outta the Library! LSE evacuated for the third time in a month



First a fire, then a collapsed building, and now a major power outage. Is LSE cursed?

Frustrated students were evacuated from the LSE library this evening following a “network power failure”.

For some, this is the third time they have been asked to leave the premises within a month.


Shortly after the evacuation, an email was sent by the school:

“There has been a power outage in the Library. Students have been evacuated and the School is working to establish the cause of the problem. We hope power will be restored as soon as possible.”

Alternative study spaces have been provided by the LSE SU in Saw Swee Hock and 32 Lincoln’s Inn, to allow students to continue revision as the library power is restored.


The evacuation saw the library empty for the first time in recent days. Students have been packed in the library, taking every available seat, desk, computer, and bean bag, some going so far as to seek floor space between bookshelves.


With the exam period kicking off in less than a week, tensions are running high, and many students were understandably unhappy at the nights turn of events.

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