Russell Brand appears at Occupy LSE

He didn’t tell many jokes

national noad

LSE students were treated to an appearance by former comedian and current political commentator Russell Brand.

Brand visited the Occupy LSE movement, screening his film “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, about the growing disparity between the economic classes, and answering questions from the packed audience.

He is one of many A-listers to visit LSE in recent weeks, following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie.


The visit sparked excitement at a particularly tense time of year, many students regretting having been too preoccupied with revision to have attended.



(Brand tweeted about the event himself last night)

While Occupy LSE and Brand, got the attention they were trying to attract, not all reactions were positive.

Twitter responses to Brand’s visit were a mixed bag, as some took to the platform to either discredit Occupy LSE or insult the uni altogether.