LSE to take legal action against occupiers if they don’t leave by midnight

The end is nigh

Incensed uni bosses have now ordered everyone involved in Occupy LSE to get out by midnight tonight or face legal action. 

Acting School Secretary Andrew Webb has told all students involved in the Vera Antsey Suite demo to evacuate before the lawyers swoop in.

A notice delivered by hand today to the occupiers explained they were being disruptive, abusive to staff and risking health and safety by blocking fire exits.


The end is nigh


Uni chief Andrew said: “Despite repeatedly confirming the School’s support for free speech and political engagement during our attempts to resolve your occupation amicably, the School has never proposed, encouraged or agreed to your use of our VAR to or any other space to established any kind of separate study space.

“Your actions and behaviour have therefore created a level of concern and risk which we cannot ignore.

“We, the School, therefore give you notice to end your Occupy LSE action and leave our premises by midnight, tonight, 29 April 2015.

“There will be no dialogue or negotiation from us in the meantime. If you fail to leave our premises by the specified deadline, we will instruct our lawyers to begin court proceedings to reclaim control of our premises.

“Our implementing internal disciplinary procedures against our students who have been associated, or involved in, your action will be separate from this process.”


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