Best cafes for studying in near campus

Accept it, you’re not getting a seat in the library

Remember last month, when there was a big electrical fire in Kingsway and they shut the library. Remember how scary that was?

The London police declared it a major incident that might take days to resolve. Many buildings around the area are closed until further notice, unfortunately, including the LSE Library.

They advised us to stay away from campus, and everyone panicked. Without the library, where would we study?


And it’s not much better now, with the library so busy.

Luckily, being in London, you have plenty of other options. We found the best cafes for studying, all within a 15-minute walk from campus.

Freestate Coffee: 23 Southampton Row 



Situated on Southampton Row, nothing can stop the baristas here from bringing you great coffee. Natural light floods the spacious café, providing a refreshing environment to study.

You can even bring your mates with plenty of tables for group work. The range of sandwiches and baked goods are changed daily, so there are plenty to choose from.

If you’re not keen on relying on coffee to keep you awake, stock up on their healthy juices. Just a few steps away from Holborn station, this will guarantee to give you an overall feel-good vibe.


Holborn Grind: 199 High Holborn



This funky café is less than 10 minutes away from campus, and although it looks bit small, it has more seats than you think. Most people choose to sit by the stools that overlook the every busy streets of Holborn.

The Grind has a delicious range of breakfast so you can kick start your productive day right here along with their signature house blend coffee.

Timberyard: 7 Upper St Martin’s Lane



Timberyard is designed to be an ideal working space. Even before walking into the café, you can see everyone sitting with their laptops, working away while sipping coffee. This two-floor café has everything you need to study: delicious food and drink, soft music and of course, fast Wi-Fi.

You can choose to sit at one of the communal tables to watch the buzzling Seven Dials, or linger on their super comfortable sofas.  A lovely space to focus and finally get some work done.


TAP Coffee: 192 Wardour Street


A personal favourite, TAP (short for Tapped and Packed) brings artisan coffee and cakes to another level. Charming and peaceful, it is hard to believe that it is right in the heart of buzzling Soho. You’re more than welcome to take your time and work in this laid-back environment, and the Wi-Fi is definitely a bonus. Their almond croissant is a must have, a perfect complement to cup of strong cappuccino.


Nordic Bakery: 14a Golden Square, Soho


Tucked away in Golden Square of Soho, this Scandinavian style bakery is well known for their cinnamon buns and excellent coffee. The uncomplicated and minimalist design releases you from any stress and let you focus on the basics. There’s no music, so if you prefer a quiet space to unwind and start to tackle that long reading list, Nordic Bakery is the place to be.