Police called to loc8me after 150 people gather outside D-Block Europe signing

The organisers were issued with a fine

Yesterday police were called after British Hip-Hop duo D-Block Europe appeared in Loughborough for a signing at estate agents, Loc8me.

A post was sent out at around mid-day, via Instagram, telling fans that the pair would be present in Loughborough, giving out autographs.

The Loughborough Tab has received exclusive reports that police were called to Ashby Square in order to break up the large crowds that had formed. The large crowd went against coronavirus restrictions, causing between six and eight police cars to arrive on the scene.

An eyewitness has told the Tab Loughborough that there were “easily 200 people” outside Loc8me at around 5:30pm – when the signing was due to take place. At around 7pm Charnwood Police arrived on the scene to break up the crowd. The onlooker went on to say that as soon as the police came, “every one that wasn’t wearing a mask put one on”.

Leicestershire Police told The Loughborough Tab: “Police attended Loughborough Town Centre at around 6pm yesterday, following calls from the public reporting a large crowd not adhering to social distancing guidelines in Ashby Square.

“A number of police resources attended the area and the event was closed down with the organisers being issues with a fixed penalty notice under Covid-19 regulations. No arrests were made.”