Loughborough students set up GoFundMe to pay £750 fine for throwing cans out of window

They were fined £250 each

Last week Elvyn Richards freshers in Block A were told to self-isolate in their block due to a COVID-19 case. Partway through the 14-day quarantine period, three freshers decided to conduct an experiment to see if energy drink cans flung from the fourth floor of the block would explode.

To their surprise, the cans exploded on the ground below. But the real surprise was the £750 fine they were hit with by the uni a few days afterward.

Gunn with a can of energy drink

A source told The Loughborough Tab that campus security was called to the scene, as some students below alleged that they were being targeted with the projectiles.

Campus security caught the perpetrators because they were filmed leaving their halls to pick up the exploded cans. The three students involved were fined £250 each for the can incident.

Ingmar Gunn, one of the perpetrators, has said they “knocked a can of energy drink out of the window at 11pm, and when it exploded below we impulsively chucked three more out to see what would happen”.

All three can-throwers deny aiming the cans at anyone on the ground.

Hailing from the second most expensive hall on campus, the three students are furious with the £750 fine incurred between them. “It’s not like we’ve got that kind of money laying around”, they told The Loughborough Tab.

In order to pay the fine, the three students have set up a GoFundMe and have raised £241 in just two days.

The GoFundMe description simply reads: “We are broke. Got fined £750 for dropping cans out a window. Plz help us out.” It is filed under the “Accidents and Emergencies” GoFundMe category.

A Loughborough University spokesperson said: “The three students involved in this incident were fined for deliberately throwing heavy projectiles (full cans of drink) from a fourth-floor window at students going about their normal business. Their actions were dangerous and completely unacceptable.”