Loughborough fresher suspended after saying his non-white flatmates ‘all stink’

He called his flat the ‘ethnicity flat’

Loughborough University has suspended a male fresher who shared a Snapchat story with racist remarks, calling his halls the “ethnicity flat” and saying “they all stink” about his non-white flatmates.

On Snapchat, the student said: “Without being racist… So far I have met my flatmates.” He then continues to list four traditionally non-white names, and says: “They’re all sat in their rooms and don’t speak and they all stink.

“You’re not allowed to go in anyone else’s flat so I’m stuck with the ethnicity flat who probably don’t drink when there are loads of fittys in all the other flats. The only food thing is my left over curry from last night.”

Loughborough responded to the screenshot yesterday and confirmed an investigation into the student involved. They originally stated: “We’re aware of this screenshot – the content of which is completely unacceptable.

“We’ve launched an investigation and will be transparent with our findings. Loughborough is committed to being a welcoming, plural, and diverse community and racism has no place here.”

Since then, the university has made the decision to suspend the student. A spokesperson for Loughborough University told The Tab: “A student has been suspended from the University following offensive remarks of a racist nature made on social media and a full investigation is underway. Those directly affected have received support or offers of support.”