The Tab Loughborough’s BNOC of the year nominations are now OPEN

Nominate you’re mate who’s a massive BNOC

It’s official, The Tab Loughborough’s BNOC of the year competition is back. Forget the LEAs, this is the big one. The time has come again for you to crown Lufbra’s biggest BNOC.

Before the popular vote, we need your nominations. It may be that girl at every FND, the top dressed bloke who never misses DBE, your sports team captain that everyone knows, the wannabe who didn’t get hall chair, Lufbra’s top ragger, the fresher helper turned best-mate from halls whose name you still don’t know, or even that lecturer who’s a bit of a lad.

Hey, you can even nominate yourself. No one will ever find out. Nominations are totally anonymous.

Think you know who’s got what it takes to be our worthy champ? Submit your nomination below.

Let the biggest BNOC win.