The new Loughborough Exec song is here and it features Scott Mills from Radio 1

This year it’s a cover of ‘Despacito’

If you go to Loughborough chances are you've heard about the Exec song performed by the Executive Committee of the LSU.

Well the 2017 song has been released and this year the Union have performed their own version of 'Despacito'. Featuring the President of the LSU, George Etherington, as well as the rest of the Exec team, the music video can see the Committee dancing and singing around the Union building.

This year the video also includes BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills and Chris Stark.

Check out the video below.

LSU Exec Song 2017

Cover your ears. It's here… 🙉😂

Posted by Loughborough Students' Union on Wednesday, November 29, 2017