Students have written ‘don’t be a fossil fool’ in chalk all over campus to protest the uni’s funding of fossil fuels

The activists were pursued by security

Acting on behalf of the international 'Fossil Free' movement, a group of passionate students were caught by security writing messages in chalk on the square outside the Edward Herbert Building this morning. The graffiti was removed quickly by members of campus security shortly after it was discovered.

The students are demanding the university ends its fossil fuel investments, claiming that the institution supports companies that cause climate change.

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Loughborough People & Planet told The Tab, "Our demands are not radical. All we are asking for is for the university’s investments to be morally consistent with the public image they create for themselves. 54 universities in the UK have already gone Fossil Free, why not Loughborough?”

The protest did not stop with the chalk however, as the protesters also targeted Lynn Chadwick’s ‘The Watchers’ sculptures in the square. Addressing the university directly, the group hung bright cards around their necks with the messages such as "End fossil fuel investments now, it’s time to be fossil free” and “The Watchers are watching you… and so are we".

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Despite publishing an open letter to the Vice Chancellor, Robert Allison, no official response from the university has been issued as of yet. However, the group remain just as determined to bring about change, claiming that “[they’re] not going anywhere. This is an important issue and any students that care about justice and the environment should join in our actions".