Third Years tell us their best Freshers’ advice

We don’t want to Mother you, but this might help

With Freshers' Week well underway, we thought it would be useful to gather together some words of wisdom for all of you raring first year students.

Freshers' is the perfect time to let loose and bond with your new friends – some of which will be friends for life.

We’ve spoken to some students in the hope that some of their experiences will be able to guide the decisions you make and to ensure that you have the best time possible at University.

Livv, English

High point: Being nominated for Committee Member of the Year following a year as Sports Sec for the English Department

Worst Decision: Going too hard at a Stuesday's and ending up in my flatmates bed (alone) with no phone, credit card, keys or dignity

Freshers' Tip: Take flat shoes with you in every bad. Converse will be your best friend at uni

Charl, English

High Point: Meeting my besties for life

Worst Decision: Getting too drunk I almost knocked Verne Troyer off his stool in Freshers'

Freshers' Tip: Use a hairdryer instead of an iron

Ella, English and Drama

High Point: Competing with AU Cheer

Worst Decision: Going out on my crutches, getting drunk and getting in the shower with my cast on.

Freshers' Tip: Make the most of the fact that you only need 40% to pass first year – join lots of societies and sports!

Bronte, History

High Point: The LSDCD Dance Comp in March – largest in the country! Placing first in Tap novice.

Worst Decision: Drinking a whole bottle of Tequila one night…

Freshers' Tip: Make the most of it because the time goes so so quick!

Tom, Automotive Engineering

High Point: Getting my placement with F1 and last night out in second year

Worst Decision: Not joining a sports team

Freshers' Tip: First year grade is still looked at if considering a placement

Lucy, Geography

High Point: Meeting my boyf at Uni

Worst Decision: Smashing my tele, laptop and phone when drunk xox

Freshers' Tip: Don’t go into your overdraft – it’s a trap!