How not to die during Loughborough Freshers’

Just remember Papa Si will be your saviour

Do not jump into the Loughborough fountain

You heard from your Fresher helper that it's the Loughborough 'rite of passage'. So you decide that your Loughborough self will be born the moment you step into that muddy water, and you will be baptised as a legendary Fresher. However, in reality all that happens is that you slip and fall down after one too many squadkas (vodka and squash)… and you have to do a soaking wet walk of shame back to your Halls. However, maybe you are so legendary that this muddy and damp clothing isn't going to stop you from entering the union and partying the night away. Just don't be surprised if this results in a few odd looks and maybe a nickname that will last all year.

Definitely invest in a Papa Si's cheesy chips to soak up the alcohol

During Freshers' Week, the likelihood is that you are going to be out pretty much every night. You need to think of Papa Si's as a necessity rather than a luxury. You are definitely suffering from a 3 day hangover already and you've just completed another night, you NEED to soak up the alcohol before heading to bed. Nothing does this better than the greasy delights of Papa Si, and if you are on a budget, the cheesy chips are cheap and cheerful. Just think of it as an investment to your future Fresher self.

Make friends with your flatmates

These are the people that your Freshers' experience is centred around. You have been forced together, so even if they initially aren't your type of people, you have to try. Freshers' is all about bonding with the flatmates, you'll be together during the guided walks, the fairs and predominantly, the pres. Every night during Freshers' you'll be preing with your flatmates, so if you want a fairly unawkward game of Never Have I Ever, you will try and make friends. But don't go too far, we all know what happens when you get OVERLY 'friendly' with the flatmates.. and the result is an uncomfortable year ahead.

Do not be that person

Sometimes having a lot to drink is highly tempting in Freshers', you are under a lot of pressure to be confident and alcohol is a great way to lose your inhibitions. However, getting so drunk you are comatose and a resentful flatmate has to take you home, is not ok. That is if you are lucky enough to have made a friend like this. It is every man for himself during Freshers' so you may end up sat in a corner of the SU while the rest of your Hall laugh. Plus, nobody forgets these kind of mistakes, people will be talking about this for the whole of Freshers' and nobody wants that kind of reputation. So just don't…

Learn some drinking games

Drinking games are the absolute must of Freshers'. They are a fool-proof method of breaking the ice during pres. Therefore if you are sat without a clue on how to play said games, you are going to be lost. And you don't want to keep asking for explanations, when you already feel awkward. Ring of fire, ride the bus, never have I ever and piccolo are some of the Luff favourites.

Do not act too big for your boots, when in reality you are just as scared as everyone else

Let's face it, everyone gets a tad nervous for Freshers' week, it's a daunting concept, meeting so many new people and being in a completely alien environment. Some people try to overcompensate for this by acting like they are better than everyone else. While, this might make you feel better, everyone else is silently hating you. So if you are trying to impress people by boasting about how cool you were at school or trying to out-drink everyone every night. Again, just don't.

Use the Nightbus

The bus runs on LSU nights and will take you to your front door. Definitely a better option than paying for a taxi.

Remember fancy dress

Freshers' is all about fancy dress. There will probably be at least 4 events which require fancy dress. So just gather up all your old Halloween costumes and you'll be sorted. And remember a bin bag for the 'Anything but Clothes' night.

Do not try and join every single society and club

It can be tempting to sign up for everything, not wanting to miss out on what uni life has to offer. But just remember uni is as much about the spontaneous times as it is the structured organised events. Plus, you are going to have to make time to just be a lazy student, sometimes binge watching Netflix with the flatmates is just essential.

But ultimately, just be yourself and have a good time

Freshers' is definitely one of the most memorable (though blurred with alcohol) time of your life. The best advice may simply be to remember that every one is in the same boat, so just relax, have a laugh and get involved.