Are you even a Loughborough student if you don’t own these things?

Right now you’re probably sat in your AU hoodie and reading this on your MacBook.

As much as you may not want to admit it, there are certain Loughborough student stereotypes that are actually quite true, like 95% of the time people can be seen wandering around campus in their gym clothes. I can guarantee you probably own more than one of the things on this list.

An AU hoodie

You can’t go far on campus without seeing your fair share of these. Whether you are actually a member of an AU team here at Loughborough, or you just stopped by the Students’ Union and picked up your own, the AU hoodie is the most important item in any Loughborough students wardrobe.

A gym membership

Your new years promise of going to the gym five times a week is unlikely to come true, but that three year deal they offer in freshers is just too good to pass up. Spotting a Loughborough student without a gym membership is about as rare as spotting Bigfoot walking around campus.

A Freshers T-Shirt

Hall rivalry is a big thing at Loughborough, and that’s why everyone has to represent their hall with pride. If that means sporting a cheesy t-shirt with your halls theme on for two weeks, then that’s what you’ll do. They sit at the back of all students wardrobes, stained with alcohol and full of the blurry memories from two weeks of binge drinking.

A MacBook

Walking into a lecture hall is like walking into the apple store. It’s as if everyone gets one personally delivered along with their acceptance letter before they arrive at uni.

Daddy’s credit card

A requirement for all those wishing to live in Elvyn.

Gym clothes

Take a look in most Loughborough students wardrobe and it will probably consist of about 80% gym clothes. You probably won’t actually go to the gym all that much, but nothing is comfier than your Adidas leggings when it comes to a day full of lectures.

A broken umbrella

Everyone knows Loughborough is basically a wind tunnel, in-fact hurricane force winds would probably feel like a light breeze to most students here. It’s more than likely that you’ve got a couple of broken umbrellas lying around that were sacrificed to the Loughborough winds.

Fancy dress 

Whether it’s for the various themed nights during freshers or just a department social, there is not one student at Loughborough that can say they haven’t drunkenly stumbled around campus dressed as Hawaiian hula girl, a cat or a police officer. No one does a themed night quite like us.

Photo Credits: Rigg-Rut Media, Gareth Nunns 

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