How to survive exam season

Let’s make exam stress a thing of the past

So, deadlines are coming to an end and exams are creeping ever so closer by the day. For a lot of students this means procrastinating revision until the last minute and having to cram it all in at once. This doesn’t mean you have to let stress get the better of you though. From revision to relaxation, here are some, hopefully, helpful tips to get you through the upcoming exam season.

Set alarms

Are you one of those people that puts off revision all day if they can find a solid excuse not to do it? And by solid excuse that of course means a new episode of your favourite Netflix series has come out and you just can’t miss it. Why not try setting alarms on your phone to remind you to start revision and then set another to remind you to take a well deserved break.

Get enough sleep

This is so important. Night after night of poor sleeping will only add to your stress.

Allow yourself time for fun

It’s really easy to get obsessed with revision and focus on nothing else for weeks, or even put off revision for too long because you don’t want to face day after day of endless studying. Don’t let revision take over your life, take a break and watch a movie, go to the gym, do sports, hang out with your friends or even sit down and relax with a book and a cup of tea, literally anything that helps you unwind. You’re much more likely to stick at your revision if you have something to look forward to once its done.

Don’t panic! 

Whilst exams are important they are not the end of the world. Try some relaxation techniques to help you through those pre-exam jitters.

Revise with friends

Revision is tedious at the best of times, why not make it that bit more interesting by revising with some of your friends. You can help each other out and make the task a little less tortuous.

If all else fails…

Just drink.


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