Everything that first year at Loughborough taught me

The unofficial list of lessons all Loughborough freshers learn

Freshers’ Flu…it’s real…seriously!

The term “Freshers Flu” is something every student hears and is warned about before they start their first year, but you just assume it’s all just some scary story older students make up to trick the freshers. We were wrong. Note to all incoming freshers, stock up on Lemsip…Lemsip is your friend.

“Yeah, but first year doesn’t count”

The official motto of all first year students as they get ready for that Hey Ewe night, knowing full well they have a 9am on Thursday morning.

There’s no escaping Loughborough sports…

“Oh you go to Loughborough? You must do loads of sports then!”. As a first year, you pretty much get used to hearing this question over and over again, every time someone asks you what uni you go to. And no, it never gets any less annoying. That being said, it is pretty cool going to the best sporting university in the country, especially if you ever catch a glimpse of an Olympian somewhere around campus.

Everyone is your best friend when you’re drunk

Reality is your probably never going to see them again, or worse yet they come up and speak to you sober and you have to pretend you remember who they are. There’s nothing like a post-union, drunk trip to Papa Si’s to solidify a drunken friendship.

“Loughborough? Wheres that?”

It would probably just be easier to walk around with a labelled map, because you’re going to be asked this question ALL OF THE TIME.

The Loughborough bubble…

There’s life outside of campus? Who knew. You’ll wake up one day and realise you’re only really going into town for your food shop or to get drunk in Revs. With everything you need on campus, why leave?

Can I really be bothered to walk that far to the gym?

You’re enticed by that three year membership deal, and tell yourself you’re going to go five times a week, but in reality when you get home after a full day of lectures and there is the choice between Netflix and the gym…you’re not going to the gym.

And finally, but most importantly…

Knowing you are actually really proud to be a Loughborough Student, and that Loughborough does indeed, walk on water.

Photo Credit: Gareth Nunns, Rigg-Rut Media and LSU Media


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