Meet Nicky Morgan, Loughborough’s local MP

‘I’d like to keep the job I love – being Loughborough’s MP’

Nicky Morgan has been the Conservative MP for Loughborough since 2010 and has also been the Minister for Women and Secretary of State for Education during her time in politics. We spoke to Nicky to hear her thoughts on the upcoming election.

Theresa May has just called a snapshot election, three years earlier than planned, how do you feel about this?

I think it is a good thing to have an election now. We need to draw a line under the divisions caused by the EU Referendum and move on as a country and this was the best time to have an election before the EU negotiations really start.

What are key things you are offering the people of Loughborough in this election?

I’ve loved being Loughborough’s MP over the past 7 years and I want to continue being a strong and active voice for Loughborough – continuing to run an efficient and effective local office in Loughborough which helps thousands of people with their cases – including a number of students, banging the drum for Loughborough and my constituents in Westminster and bringing people together locally. I attend many hundreds of events and often introduce people – for example, I’m often recommending Action students to local groups to see if the students could offer support in all sorts of ways.

What are you hoping for out of the election?

I’d like to keep the job I love – being Loughborough’s MP – and have a strong Conservative Government in place for the next five years.

You were a remain supporter yourself, and Loughborough also voted to remain, because of this, what would you like to see out of Brexit?

We need the best possible deal which doesn’t undermine our economic security, offers trading opportunities and ensures we can continue with our defence and security cooperation with our EU neighbours. Overall we need an on-going deep and successful partnership with the EU although we won’t be EU members.

Do you have any advice for voters on 8th June?

The most important thing is to register and to vote – don’t leave having your say about the next few years to someone else because they might not share your views.

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