Things Luff students are tired of hearing

Do you study sport? Where’s Loughborough? Bore off

Going to Loughborough is an absolute privilege. A top 10 UK University, number one for its sporting ability and top of the table for student experience. However, telling everyone that you’re a Luff student usually comes with its queries and comments.

As a student, then, we should be prepared for whatever questions are thrown our way. Replace rolling your eyes with a feisty, well researched response and really show’em who’s boss…

“Oh, are you studying sport?”

It is a common misconception that EVERY single student here at Loughborough is studying for a sports science degree. Er, hello? Engineering, Finance, Drama – we offer it all! Whack some statistics in there to really wow them with the breadth of courses that Luff offers and even throw in some terminology you’ve learned on your course. African American nihilism, Stoichiometry, depreciation.

“Loughborough… where’s that?”

It is crazy how many people are actually unaware of where Loughborough is, with its prestigious reputation and central location. A small town located just twenty minutes from both Leicester and Nottingham, render them speechless by talking about what is on offer nearby.

“How do you spell that?”

It is also a common misconception that people misspell our beloved Loughborough. Luffbra, Lufbrough, Luffaboogarooga?! Get a grip, guys. YES, there are two silent H’s.

“Are you AU?”

One of the first questions asked when you meet someone new in Loughborough is “are you AU?” or “what sport do you do?” Yes, there are over 16,000 students and the majority of them are sports-obsessed, fitness fanatics who live and breathe their passion, but there are also a whole lot of others who aren’t. With an array of societies, clubs and activities on offer outside of the AU, it is important to let people know where our other talents lie.

AU Ballin’ with the girls obvs

“How far to walk now?”

Luff is the largest onsite campus university in the UK, so it’s not surprising when family members or friends from back home question how much further there is to walk to the union from your halls. Getting asked “you walk this far to the gym from home?!” Yes, yes we do. We are all aware of how big the campus is by now so we really don’t appreciate others banging on about it whenever they have been able to catch their breath. Wow them with the number of steps this equates to using your fitbit, or tell them about how having one big campus means that there are no divisions within the Luff community. Nottingham Trent have three split campuses, which, in my opinion, explains a lot…

Stop your moaning and enjoy your walk round campus

Photo credits: NSN Photography & Design