What to do when your parents come to visit you in Luff

Here are ways you can show your parents that it’s not just a sports-obsessed, jagerbomb-drinking town.

We’ve all been there. Your parents decide to make the one hundred mile visit to Loughborough (just to make sure you are still alive and well) and you can’t help but question what you are going to do to entertain them.

Despite Luff being a busy market town, a walk into the centre just doesn’t seem like it will suffice.

Here are five top things to do to show them that we DO go to one of the best universities in the country and that we ARE fortunate to live in Loughborough, with its vibrant history, central location and fantastic countryside.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is a popular country park that consists of over 135 hectares of grassland and woodland and offers recreational walks and short climbs. With an elevation of 248 metres, its a fabulous place to let your hair down and feel the wind on your face. Take your rents up the hill and show them the breathtaking views that boast the breadth of Loughborough! Be sure to point out Towers and laugh at those unfortunate enough to live there…

Blowing the hangover away

Charnwood Museum

A place for everyone, Charnwood Museum is situated in the beautiful Victorian surroundings of Queen’s Park. With free admission, both temporary and permanent exhibitions, workshops and regular talks, it would be silly not to show it off to the parents.

Bradgate Park

If you fancy going a little further away than Beacon Hill, Bradgate is the place to go. The Park was first enclosed as a deer park around 800 years ago. The River Lin runs through the lower park and is a popular place to sit and have a picnic, or watch the deer whilst your younger siblings paddle in the shallows.

Delice Deli Cafe

Stuck for somewhere to eat that isn’t spoons? Delice Deli is located on Baxter Gate, just one hundred yards from McDonalds and offers an array of lunchtime snacks, including Panini’s, Omelette’s and Steak. The French themed cafe is traditional and friendly and even makes us students seem classy.

Delice Deli Cafe, 7 Baxter Gate

Escape Room

A new addition to the town, the Escape Room, also located on Baxter Gate, promises an hour of fun. Find the clues and solve the puzzles and have lots of family banter along the way. Click here to book tickets now!