Loughborough student signs record deal with Sony Music

He’s also previously performed at Tomorrowland.

Kishan Bodalia, who goes under the stage name Bodalia, has signed a deal this week with Sony and Ministry of Sound.

His remix of the track “Daylight” will be released globally with Sony and Ministry of Sound.

The track, which Bodalia produced with his friend Jean Labourier, musically known as F.O.D, is a remix of the original released by Italian DJ duo NDPC. You can listen to the track here.

The sports medicine student has also previously performed at Tomorrowland, and has played alongside some of the biggest names in the industry such as Hannah Wants, Ella Eyre and Fuse ODG.

He also recently performed at Loughborough’s underground event DBE.

“Releasing a track on Sony is a huge opportunity and it’s very exciting,” Kishan told The Tab.

He added, “as a young producer this is a huge step for me and it is amazing to have this kind of support to push through and grow.”

Bodalia, who is already a recognised BBC Music artist, is also a headline act at Birmingham’s Vale Festival in June.

You can follow Bodalia on Facebook and on Twitter.