Loughborough is officially the best value for money university in the UK

Concerned about where to hedge your higher education investment?

Loughborough has been named the best value for money university in the UK.

Expert Market has conducted the study into UK universities to find out which institution promises the best value for money. The report cross-references a range of variables including typical student outgoings like the price of a pint and the cost of renting, as well as graduate employment prospects.

According to the study, Loughborough offers the best return on investments for students. It also showed Northern universities are more economically viable for students when compared to their southern counterparts, and London failed to land a single spot in the top 20 due to rent and living costs.

This report is the first of its kind, combining an insights about graduate prospects with what life is really like in each city. It provides prospective students with a more holistic approach towards making the most important decision of their academic life by considering the costs and benefits of each institution.

Find out how other universities fared in the official report here. 

Loughborough University