Loughborough Women in Super Rugby Competition

Because Lboro girls can

Recently, we reported how three Loughborough male students have been selected for the Student Rugby World Cup in Australia.

Now, our female rugby players are making headlines as well.

Loughborough Women’s Rugby Team are one of the ten clubs that have been offered places in the Women’s Super Rugby competition.


Loughborough has been chosen after meeting all standards in professional coaching, medical provision and training and playing environments.

The new competition that starts in September is a top tier competition that will raise the standards of rugby. This will also help the Red Roses’ to become the number one team in the world.

We all know how Luff wins everything, and improvement is an important part of this. The new competition will improve opportunities for its athletes over the three year period of it entering the competition.

With a multi-million pound investment strict standards, high-quality coaching, facilities and training will all be provided.

Well done ladies, and happy International Women’s Day!

Loughborough University