Three Loughborough Students Announced for Student Rugby League World Cup

What other uni would exceptional athletes go to?

Three students from Loughborough are among the 33-man train-on squad who are representing England in the Student Rugby League World Cup. 

Loughborough is best known for its impressive sporting abilities and consequently how we win everything. Just when we thought we couldn’t get any better, three of our students have been chosen to represent England in the Student Rugby League World Cup.

Elliot Hall, Lewis Taylor and Lewis Lord are among the 33 men from Universities all around England.

We spoke to Elliot who commented, “The tournament is held every four years making it a once in a life time experience and not something that many rugby league players can say they’ve done, let alone go to Australia, a country where league is so popular.”

After being selected for the squad, they will train together until their numbers are reduced to 30 in March, and 24 players in May.

This year, the World Cup is taking place in Australia so the remaining 24 players will fly out in July just before it begins.

Elliot added, “if selected, I’m really looking forward to competing at the highest level of student rugby league. The opportunity to watch an NRL game live would also be amazing.”

It is the responsibility of the players and staff of the team to fundraise the programme so any donations are appreciated. You can donate here.

With Luff being well known for its sporting success, there’s no doubt that the three lads will make the final cut and will show Australia how Luff walks on water.

Loughborough University