It’s Exec Election time

Ready, set, vote

It’s that time of year again where Loughborough decides who’s going to be our Executive Officers for 2017-2018.



Be prepared to see lots of campaigning around campus very soon as the Exec Elections are back. For all freshers- or those that don’t know- the Exec Elections are where us students decide who is going to be our EO’s for the next academic year. We vote for our next President of the SU, Action EO and Education EO, and so on. Every year students apply for the positions and then face a gruelling few weeks of trying to win us over.

So what’s new this year?

A new position┬áhas been created this year of Enterprise and Employability Executive Officer. This role will work with the Enterprise and Employability sections of the Students’ Union as this is such a crucial part of Loughborough life.

A couple of positions have also been restructured as well with the Union Affairs position becoming VP Affairs and Development, and Finance and Commercial Services becoming VP Finance and Development.

So what can we expect?

Exec Elections are a massive part of Loughborough so be prepared to see the candidates interrupting your lectures and visiting your halls to hand out sweets. Think Committee positions, but on a much larger scale.

There’s also a questioning round where all the potential candidates are questioned on why they should get job.

Voting opens on the 6th of March at 9am, and you can vote here.

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