If you are a victim of abuse, tell someone

Not everyone suffering is as supported as Faryal Makhdoom

Recently, there has been many heated discussions on social media in relation to Faryal Makhdoom.

Amir Khan’s wife has accused her in-laws of bullying, due to her adoption of a western lifestyle. She wears clothes and make up that they deem ‘unIslamic’.

The issue seems to be dividing many Muslims.

While some feel sympathy for Faryal and believe she has been subject to serious abuse, others do not view her as an appropriate role model for their daughters and daughters in law.

Faryal made the bullying claims in a series of online posts. She posted on facebook, which has since been removed, “I am every abused woman’s voice and I am grateful for my husband’s support throughout my ordeal. I am an entrepreneur with a successful makeup brand, my own career and fierce independence, I continue and will continue to break stereotypes.”

Some believe it is a publicity stunt, they say her modelling career is dying and she is trying to move into the world of television.

In an interview with the Asian Network, when asked if she enjoys being famous she admitted, “Yes I do. I do enjoy being a really successful athletes’ wife. I do enjoy the love I get.”

I am concerned that Faryal is insensitively drawing publicity to a seriously delicate subject. Domestic abuse.

So many women are horrifically abused every single day. I hope that they do not make impulsive choices, inspired by this woman and the support that the public has shown her. I hope they take sensible steps to ensure their safety, because unlike this celebrity, they may be in far more danger of being seriously harmed.

I hope anyone suffering abuse of any kind seeks help and support from their GP/Citizens Advice/Police, or any agency that is bound by confidentiality. Just find a confidential and safe place, or a person that can help refer you to the right people. Do not suffer in silence.

Not a local vicar, an imam or Hindu/Sikh priest that may just cover it up, but actual agencies that will get you out if the abuse does not stop.

My message is simple: anyone suffering abuse of any kind should seek help. Stay safe. Find someone. Tell someone. Get out. Get help.

Loughborough University