Please stop putting women into two categories

Yes, I can have sex and still be a boss

Today in society, the idea that women are either sexual objects or have successful careers is an opinion heard of way too often. Why would you want to choose to be one, when you can be both instead?

Firstly, women are not sexual objects. If they want to have sex with lots of different people or be used as underwear models, then let them. Their actions are not harming you in any way. Besides, being an underwear model and having everyone see your hot body is pretty empowering and promotes self-confidence, but that’s just my opinion.

Secondly, it’s a complete double-standard to judge women in this way. Men are obviously underwear models and have one-night stands as well but no one comments on their intelligence or work ethic.

But despite it being 2016, there is still a large stigma associated with women that if they are sexually liberal, they don’t have any self-respect and aren’t going to get anywhere in life. This idea is completely ridiculous. The frequency of which you have sex does not correlate with your intelligence. You can have one-night stands twice a week and still spend the rest of your time in the library (that’s if you can actually find a chair in Pilks).

We all know Luff is predominately full of men, 62 per cent to be precise, but the fact that it is a top-five university and has 5300 female students clearly shows how women are in fact quite clever. Some of us might actually want to go on to be Professors but with only 22 per cent of Professors being women in uiversities, the chances of this happening are quite slim.


We might actually want to land the big CEO positions later on in life, but according to society, instead we will be the stereotypical PA to the CEO that is probably male. However, despite what society says, a lot of us women actually have high aspirations of being a boss and having a sex life.

This view that women can’t be sexual characters or hard-workers is reinforced way too much through the media and society. But yes despite what some people think, we can actually do both, we just do it with our nails painted.

Loughborough University