Loughborough will LEAVE the NUS

The board have spoken

After students voted to leave the NUS, LSU’s board of trustees have decided to support the vote and leave the NUS.

We’re now the fourth uni to disaffiliate – and we’ll leave a huge £3,000,000 hole in the NUS’s coffers if you include our £50,000 affiliation fee and revenues to discount cards.

In a referendum that’s split the executive team and led to bickering between campaign groups, Loughborough Students have voted to leave the NUS after a week of official campaigning from both sides.

54.3 per cent of voters voted to leave, while 41.3 per cent voted to remain with the rest abstaining.

There were only 2162  votes to leave the NUS. As the quorum of 4,000 votes was not met, the decision regarding LSU’s future membership ultimately rested with the Board of Trustees. Now they have voted to leave.