Stand and Deliver: UCL Grad Charged With “Highway Offences”

Four students, including a recent UCL graduate, have been charged following last year’s dramatic protests

So Long, London Student: UoL will no longer fund student newspaper

University of London are set to pull the plug on funding for London Student

UCL students cough up £400,000 fee for late books

On average, us students have lost a whopping twenty-five quid each to late book fees

Blood Spilt At Second Senate House Protest

Continued violence as police clash with student protesters

Grab your balls

Sam Robertson talks grants, enemies and the upcoming Charity Dodgeball Tournament

“Go directly to Jail; Do not collect £200”

“By any means possible get as far away from UCL as you can in 36 hours, and don’t spend a single penny in doing so”. These words would be enough to ignite sheer elation within the souls of most of us overworked students, but for the lucky Jailbreak participants this year they have become a reality.