London Tab Features

Team Tab Fashion Mashup

See how the Tab Editors got on trying out new looks.

Fit Faculty

FitFac is back.

This Week in GIFS

What’s been happening in UCL over the past week and a half…

How to Grow your Mo

Facial hair styles for a more exciting Movember.

Fresher’s Transformations

First Year; a time of minimal responsibility and self-discovery.

The poshest societies at UCL

Societies for UCL’s most elite.

DIY Halloween

Having trouble with the annual nightmare that is Halloween fancy dress? Let The Tab help you…

Booze? No thanks, I’m a Fresher

Hugh Bassett finds out why the idea of getting wasted has wasted away.

Everyone’s Talking About: UCL Confessions

The Tab sits down with the creator of our most infamous Facebook Page

Why I Cheated

UCL students come clean on doing the dirty.

Election Stereotypes

The elusive Green Man at UCL gives the lowdown on your campus campaigners

Café Conundrums

Alexandra Simpson uncovers the best hidden cafés around UCL.

Why your Long Distance Relationship is Doomed to Fail

Alex Simpson tells us why the current ‘love of your life’ really isn’t worth the effort.

Pole Fitness: A Man’s World

Hugh Bassett ventures to where few men have ventured before…

Portico Tribes Explained

UCL is a hotbed for education, demonstration and lunchtime segregation.

Tab Tries: Halal and Kosher Food

Hugh Bassett – student by day, sandwich-critic extraordinaire by night puts UCL’s new taste menu to the test.