Interview with The Midnight Barbers!

They’ve played UCL a fair few times, and if there’s any integrity left in the music business are probably going to be massive. ROBYN STRACHAN has a chat with one of the best bands in London.

Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Aaron Lapkin loved Simon Stephens stage adaptation of Mark Haddon’s extraordinary childhood classic

First Night Review – Stewart Lee: Much-A-Stew About Nothing

Ed Whitfield checks out meta-comedian Stewart Lee’s new show in Leicester Square, a pin-sharp commentary on life’s essential detritus…

Spending far too much time down the pub: meet The Enemy’s Andy Hopkins

Since the acerbic sound of ‘Away From Here’ hit UK airwaves, The Enemy have continued to produce their particular brand of emotive, acid-tongued rock and roll. We talked to their bassist, Andy Hopkins…

London Culture on a Student Budget

Georgie Coupe takes us on a tour of London’s cultural activities on a student budget. This week, she explores the Barbican’s new Rain Room

(Mis)adventures in Freecycling

Every student’s dream is to be able to get things for free, and if you ‘Freecylce’ the possibilites are endless. The Tab sent a writer to discover whether ‘Freecycling’ is the answer to our student prayers, or a disaster waiting to happen

Splash, Save or Skint: Restaurants

We Culture writers are here to take you by the hand and show you the best London has to offer.