UCL’s Live Music Society Presents Rhapsody: A breathtaking musical performance

A wild tremendous concoction of jazz, pop, rock, and funk that transformed the audience into maniacal fans.

After weeks of dedicated rehearsals and gruelling long days, UCL’s Live Music Society opened their largest production of the year last Thursday called “Rhapsody,”  and it was truly magical.

The entirely student led performance contained carefully arranged songs that ranged from the wild intensity of rock to goosebump. The soft vocals saw the audience enthusiastically join the ensemble and partake in the craziest of sat-down interpretive dance.

The show contained over 20 songs, each with a different cast, and there was not one that I did not ardently enjoy. But naming every singer and musician I found truly incredible would mean this review would be longer than Molly-Mae’s 24-hour day.

This being said, there were a select few that truly had me unashamedly swinging and singing.

The complete cast in the shows last moments

First of all, how could I not mention the incredible work of the stage crew and production team?

The diverse range of lighting effects truly added to the ambience of performances, the subtle manipulation of sound made each song its own, whilst the show in its entirety ran smoothly without hinderance, achievements both UCL’s Stage Crew and the shows Director (Thomas Kenny) and Producer (Zac Drinkel) show be immensely proud off.

The first performance that truly blew me away was Adam Haddour’s rendition of “Revival” by Gregory Porter. The sheer passion, grit, and exuberant stage presence was exhilarating, resulting in one of the biggest rounds of applause in the show.

Next, Lizzo’s ‘Good as Hell’ but in the style of jazz – yes please. Natasha Sturgess was incredible, whilst the trio who vehemently performed the Adele medley, Marni Granek, Liz Bousser, and Jenda Braaksma – wow. One singer who can encapsulate the power, control, and idiclic smoothness of Adele’s performances is enough, but three, that was an undeserved treat for the audience.

“So tell me what you want, what you really, really want-” I wanted more of the spice girls! Their short-lived performance left myself and the audience wanting so much more, Kristen Campbell-Ferguson, Maddie Dunn, Marni Granek, Natasha Sturgess, and Hanyoung Park revitalised the stage and had the audience in the palm of their hands.

Finally, the musical abilities of all the performers truly display their professionalism and talents. The expected moments of silence between intermissions was replaced by a showcase of different instrumental solo acts, with each and every one standing out in its own way, never letting the audience’s ear’s rest easy before hearing more phenomenal displays of musical genius.

Everybody who partook in the shows production, creation, promotion, and performance should be incredibly proud, and I can only look forward to next years show.

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