Quiz: Which song are you from Red (Taylor’s Version)?

This is just to distract you from crying over Come Back… Be Here

Taylor Swift collectively broke our hearts on the 12 November when she released her extended re-recording of her iconic 2012 album – conveniently named Red (Taylor’s Version). Thousands were bedridden and eating directly out of an ice cream tub as they watched the All Too Well short film – ouch.

And let’s face it: no matter how much we’ve pretended to outgrow our Red phases, Taylor still has a strong hold on us. You can complain about her new stuff (“I miss the old Taylor”), or you can listen exclusively to Folklore. But no matter what, you’ve listened to this new album at least once – “just to check it out,” you know.

Whether you took to Twitter to make not-so-subtle jabs at Jake Gyllenhaal or were lying immobile on your kitchen floor, try this quiz to find out which Taylor’s version song truly encapsulates your Swiftie essence.


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