Police investigate London nightclub employee for allegedly sexually assaulting a student

The incident was said to have taken place on the popular Wednesday Sin Bin Sports Night

An employee of London nightclub Loop is currently under investigation by the police for allegedly sexually assaulting a club-goer on Wednesday 3rd November.

The alleged victim told The London Tab that  the incident at Loop’s Sin Bin Sports Night left her “vulnerable, anxious and in a state of shock.”

A spokesperson for Loop said: “Loop is aware of the alleged incident and is fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation.”

The assault allegedly took place in the club toilets by a member of staff who grabbed the victim and kissed her aggressively while groping her breasts.

The alleged victim was said to have been waiting for a friend outside the toilet before the incident took place. The alleged victim then reported the incident to Loop staff who contacted police who arrived on the scene and began an investigation into the report.

“I was just having a normal night out,” the alleged victim told The London Tab. “You know, it’s sports night at Loop. When it happened, I was in a state of shock. I felt so vulnerable. The police talked to me but it was so much to go through alone with virtually no support. I had to wear a jumper from lost property when they took my top for evidence. It was incredibly uncomfortable.”

A witness who saw the incident taking place after coming out from the bathroom, said: “I find it so disturbing that a member of staff can do this. Especially in a club you’d think they would check backgrounds when they’re going to be surrounded by intoxicated people.”

The staff at Loop allegedly told the victim at the time that the employee was hired “through an agency” and had been “working there for three months”. The alleged perpetrator is reported to have left before the police arrived.

Several witnesses also saw the aftermath of the event, with many having seen the alleged victim being “visibly distressed” and “upset”. One witness said: “Its horrific. When you go out there’s so much going on with the spiking, and when an employee who’s job is to keep you safe it’s such an abuse of power. As a friend you want to be there but there’s only so much you can do.”

The same witness reported speaking to the alleged perpetrator, who is said to have denied the entire incident claiming “she [the victim] was drunk”.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “At 00:09hrs on Thursday, 4 November police were called to a licensed premises in Dering Street, Westminster. A 19-year-old woman had informed staff that she had been assaulted by a man inside the venue. Officers attended and spoke to the victim. An investigation was launched and is ongoing.”

“Anyone with information about the incident who has not already spoken to the police should call 101 with the reference 50/04NOV. Information can also be provided to Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.”

A spokesperson from Loop said: “An allegation has been made regarding a contracted toilet attendant who was working on a promotional night in the club. This was reported to our management team who immediately contacted the police who attended the premises and are investigating the concerns raised.  We are fully co-operating with the police and have CCTV available to assist them with their enquiries. We understand the sensitivities of the situation and have been advised by the police that their trained personnel are in contact with the individual concerned.”

A YouGov poll found that 72 per cent of young people have witnessed sexual harassment in some form at bars, pubs or clubs during a night out. If you have experienced something like this, please see more information from the NHS or Met Police on next steps.

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