Design a night as a London fresher and we’ll tell you what alcoholic drink you are

Take my word, ye fresher: thou art what thou drinketh

The playwright Cristopher Marlowe is said to have died in a pub fight over a bill, and it’s still true that bad London nights out happen to the best of us.

Your flatmate might still be crying over how much they’ve spent on Freshers’ Week events, and realistically some of those nights weren’t even worth it – looks like that extra shot of rum with something fizzy wasn’t the best choice you’ve ever made after all. Or you may be one of those people that would much rather stay at home and get a good night’s sleep instead, trying to avoid the FOMO of going out.

The moral of the story? London nights and parties can be very different, depending on your preferences, tendencies, love for fights, or desire to come back home with someone new. Of course, each of these scenarios requires a different kind of alcohol, which also says a little something about you.

Now, take this quiz to design your perfect London freshers night and find out which alcoholic drink sums up your personality:

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