UCL Provost to make Jeremy Bentham’s body a tourist attraction

Fair enough, if it’s for the greater good

President and Provost Dr. Michael Spence has recently announced his intention to promote the body of Jeremy Bentham as a tourist attraction.

According to Dr. Spence, increased access to the body of the famous philosopher and founder of Utilitarianism will help encourage greater visitation and wider accessibility to the UK’s biggest university.

Dr. Spence is currently consulting a “blue badge” tourist guide to begin tours from as early as this Autumn.

Though members of the public can already visit areas of UCL, they are not typically considered famous London attractions.

However, following his time at Sydney University, the third most visited attraction in Sydney, Dr. Spence has now expressed his intention to make UCL a more attractive visitor destination.

To emphasise the existing historical and cultural sites on campus, potential attractions could include the Petrie Museum and the Wilkins Building, which can be seen in films such as Gladiator and  The Mummy Returns, as well as UCL’s galleries and the body of Jeremy Bentham.

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