Fabric bans photography and filming on dancefloor

The nightclub is set to reopen later this month

Popular London nightclub Fabric has announced plans to ban photography and filming on its dancefloor.

Fabric London Official shared the news on social media in a post which encouraged partygoers to “stay in the moment.”

The nightclub is expected to reopen on July 23 with a marathon 42-hour running weekend in line with the latest government restrictions.

Owners explained that the policy was introduced to create a new atmosphere and promote the “feeling of self-expression on the dancefloor.”

The social media post which details the new policy goes on to say: “We are introducing a strict no photo and no video policy at the club. Stay in the moment and put away your phone, enjoy the night…”

In a statement provided to Mixmag, Fabric co-founder Cameron Leslie wrote: “Fabric has always had a no camera policy but as camera phones proliferated that became harder to enforce and we got a bit lax about it.

“Going forward we want to re-emphasise the policy so that we encourage people to stay in the moment, protect the dancefloor experience, and avoid social media stress or anxiety.

“It’s about respecting the event, the artists and fellow dancers.”

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