UCL to offer financial support for international students forced to quarantine

The cost of a mandatory hotel quarantine package amounts to £1750

International students travelling to the UK from red-listed countries, where hotel quarantine is required, will be able to apply for a means-tested financial contribution to manage quarantine costs.

UCL has previously confirmed that all students are expected to relocate to London for the start of the 2022 academic year.

A further support package for international students is currently being developed at UCL.

Currently, all individuals travelling to the UK from abroad must follow the traffic-light system of rules. Students arriving from a red list country will need to purchase a hotel quarantine package at a cost of £1750 which includes the 10 days’ accommodation and the two COVID-19 tests.

According to an email sent to the department of SELCS-CMII, UCL is set to offer financial assistance for the cost of quarantining at a hotel as part of a package intended to support international students abroad.

The email reads: “We are continuing to develop our support package for international students, but we can confirm that if you are an international student joining us for Term One from a country where hotel quarantine in the UK is required, you will be able to apply for a means-tested financial contribution towards your quarantine costs.”

Self-isolating and quarantined students will also have remote access to UCL’s support and wellbeing service, while students in UCL student accommodation will receive assistance from the student residences team.

More information on how to apply for financial aid to follow.

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