Design a London night out and we’ll tell you what degree you should’ve chosen

Don’t lie, you’re getting white-girl-wasted x

With June 21st rapidly approaching, London students are not only hyped to get obliterated in a club again, but also to completely forget about any prior uni responsibilities for the summer. What a gift from the gods that we could be able to go on a wild one just in time for the holidays.

Whether or not Boris will pull through though, this is still that time of year where you question every single decision you’ve ever made that’s led to having 4am breakdowns about essays and exams, including why you’re even taking this degree.

In an alternate world you’d be doing the perfect degree for your interests – or just not being at uni at all and making millions while travelling the globe – and we are here to tell you exactly what that perfect degree is, based on which London club you’d go to, your drink order and whether or not you get an Uber home. I know, genius.

Behold a scientifically proven way of finding out which degree you should really be doing.


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Which type of clubber are you going to be on June 21st?